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Midterm season is upon us. That means the libraries are crowded and tensions are running high. People are pushing their brains to the limit, stress-eating, and staying up late. More importantly, people are getting sick.

Sitting in the library, I cannot finish a single sentence without the melodies of maladies piercing my focus. Coughs, sneezes and, worst of all, sniffles are like tiny toothpicks poking at my brain through my ear, ensuring that my work will never be done. How am I supposed to read 3 chapters of a book by tomorrow if I can’t get through one paragraph without instinctively whipping my head around to give a sniffler a death glare?

“Center of Attention”  the answer for sniffle-phobes like me who just want some peace and quiet while they’re trying to finish their assignments amidst a sea of sickness. This hour-long playlist is neither boring nor distracting; it is the perfect backdrop to concentrate while studying without being distracted by overpowering bass lines or lyrics. Celestial tracks like “Holograms” and “17” are interspersed with the more upbeat sounds of songs like “Connected” and “Party Talk” to ensure that the listener remains relaxed, yet awake while listening to Center of Attention. Hopefully, by the time the hour is up, the listener will feel internalize the triumph reflected in in “Un nouveau soleil” as she completes her assignments and leaves the library for the day.

Image Credit: “Center” by Flickr user Aftab Uzzaman


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