I chose to recreate this image from the movie “Tammy” because I owned all of the materials necessary (i.e. paper bags) and it is funny even outside of the context of the movie. While my face certainly looks goofy, I am no Melissa McCarthy and I could not exactly pull off the facial expression that she makes. I also found it strenuous to open my eyes in the sun, making the facial expression even harder to pull off.

Finding an image from a movie to recreate was more difficult than I would’ve expected. Almost every image that I brainstormed required specific settings, props or outfits that I did not have access to, was exceedingly sexual in nature or wouldn’t be widely recognizable. My experience finding a scene to recreate simply proves that the production of movies is not nearly as effortless as the finished product may seem to the viewer at the theater.

If I had more time and resources, I would’ve had the picture taken from a higher vantage in which the sky would be more prominent rather than the buildings behind me. I also would’ve improved my acting skills to truly recreate the expression and body language of Melissa McCarthy.

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