I chose to make a podcast graphic that is simple, yet vibrant, in line with the title of the podcast, Media Nouveau. This goal of simplicity directed many of my creative choices: minimal colors that are distinctive from each other, large print so as to be readable from a distance, and an easily-recognizable shape without many details.

I was fascinated by our discussions in class regarding the ambiguity between old and new media, how it can be difficult to discern where the old media begins and when something is transformative enough to call it new media. Because this topic is also going to be addressed in Media Nouveau, I chose to include static in my graphic to represent uncertainty. The static is in juxtaposition with the word “nouveau” in the title, being that it immediately brings to mind images of 20th century TV, and it also provides a striking backdrop without being too overwhelming on a small screen. I believe that my graphic is reflective of the podcast in general and would look appealing in a tiny box on someone’s phone.

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