To distress they be born

Success made hard

Where indomitable wealth stewards

the creation of wealth in no man


This poem, which I am calling “The Wall,” was created by selecting words off of a book page. This particular page was discussing the life of Andrew Carnegie, who many will know as a steel tycoon during the turn of the century. I attempted to craft a poem out of several other pages, but I was ultimately attracted to what I found to be an interesting combination of words that I had created: indomitable wealth. I thought that this pair of words, while unusual, was a powerful descriptor of the income inequality and related lack of social mobility that we see in the United States today. The rest of the poem stemmed from there.

The image is meant to represent a cauldron of money that is completely walled off from “the masses” (hence the title). I had limited supplies handy, so my picture is not as refined or easy to read as the works of Tom Phillips, by which this assignment was inspired. Nonetheless, I am pretty happy with the piece I produced and I think it ties in nicely with other themes that we have addressed in class (i.e. the Equality of Opportunity Project).

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