When you find yourself in the airport 6 hours before your flight boards with nothing to occupy your mind, otherwise inane and uninteresting materials become all-consuming. Some people may spend their time reading Cosmo while others may play Candy Crush. A few weeks ago, I chose to pass the time by reading a pamphlet being handed out by a fellow airport-goer. This flyer put forth various arguments, one of which seemingly boiled down to “Look at a fish. Look at a car. They look so similar. How could this not be intelligent design?” Whether or not I agree with this man, my friends and I were endlessly entertained by this argument and we spent far too much time trying to understand what exactly he saw connecting the fish and the car based on the minimal information in the pamphlet. Examining Mcmennamy’s work, for a reason unbeknownst to me, reminded of that day in the airport.

I attempted to splice together a car and a fish for my combophoto, but I found that the two images did not mesh well together. Either the fish would lose fins and become unrecognizable as a fish or the car would become too long and lose its shape. Even if these challenges could have been overcome, the cityscape backgrounds of the car photos clashed with the solid blues and whites of the fish photos. I decided that a helicopter, with its oblong shape and neutral colors, would be a better mode of transportation to use and I opted for one with a mostly blue background to match that of the fish.

I could imagine this military-grade flying fish appearing in a futuristic war film wreaking havoc on its enemies from the air and sea. I could also see this image used as the logo for a think tank warning against the perils of technology. I could even see this image appearing in the pamphlet of the gentleman at the airport. The flying fish, for me, memorializes the laughs I shared with my friends that day and I hope that it brings a smile to the face of those who view it as well.

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  1. This is a fantastic combophoto! The image is immediately visually compelling and witty. Your narrative description is interesting too — I definitely think you made the right choice to switch from a car to a helicopter. And I like the idea of this image as the logo for a luddite think tank.

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