I originally intended to create a cinemagraph of a bike with only its tires spinning. The inspiration came to me while I was at Piedmont Park the other day and I decided to shoot the footage right away, assuming all would work out. I had not yet seen the Lynda tutorial, however, which prevented me from taking steps that would have made the process much easier. The insurmountable problem that I encountered was that I had not held the camera nearly steady enough, making the footage entirely unusable. As a result of many hours of failed attempts at rectifying my poor cinemagraph, I frustratedly moved on and decided that I would have to make something else.

This cinemagraph was created using a video from Earth Touch. I intended to use a different part of the video, in which the chameleon catches a fly with its tongue. This part of the video, however, reminded me of myself making the cinemagraph, looking around bewildered as I realized that the sun had set without me noticing. I figured that if I couldn’t have the cinemagraph that I wanted, I might as well have one that spoke to the process of making one. Nevertheless, now that I understand the process of making a cinemagraph, I think that the end result would be worth the effort if I simply had better footage of the idea that inspired me in the first place.


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