I initially had difficulty in creating a way to represent myself to strangers in such a limited space. As I was sitting and pondering my options, I suddenly felt a familiar rumble in my tummy and my mind was consumed. In this moment, as in many others, food was all I could think about.

As a human health major, I spend vast amounts of time thinking about food in the academic sense, ranging in topics from nutrition science to food security. This interest expands into my personal life as one of my favorite pastimes is visiting new restaurants and tasting different flavors. I’ve been known to spend hours browsing photos and menus on yelp trying to find the perfect spot to eat. This semester, I hope to deepen my relationship with food by cooking at least two new recipes per week in order to improve my relatively amateur cooking skills. Thus, food pervades every element of my life far beyond its ability to disrupt my thoughts when I’ve ignored it for too long.

Because food is integral in every facet of my life, I decided to feature it in my avatar. From there, I simply had to open my fridge and pick out some of my favorite items. I arranged a kiwi, a banana, and some pickles, some of my favorite snacks, in the shape of a smiling face in order to reflect my love for food and my hopefulness for this semester in general. My avatar and I are now more connected than ever because after I snapped my photo, I had a delicious snack and put an end to the rumbling in my stomach.

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