Throughout the course of the semester, I have had to tap into my creative potential in novel ways in order to produce visually appealing, yet informative or otherwise interesting sketch assignments each week. I have had to exercise existing strengths (i.e., writing, researching) as well as develop weaker skills (i.e., drawing, working with unfamiliar software) in order to produce these sketches. As a result, I have created a body of work that showcases my growth, shedding light on my personality and competencies.

Here is a broad outline of the process of creating a sketch assignment. Of course, the creation of each sketch entailed unique strategies and obstacles, but this flowchart describes the overarching process of doing so in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step schematic. It was created using¬†with the help of Flickr user jaci XIII‘s CC-licensed images. I hope that the diagram provides insight into my thought process as well as useful advice to other individuals who want to begin to post interesting, creative work on the web.

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