My 16×16 image is meant to be a recreation of “The Girl With the Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer. The painting’s hallmark characteristics such as the blue and yellow turban, the solid-black background and the positioning of the subject’s body render it immediately recognizable, even in low resolution.

I tried to recreate the more striking aspects of the painting such as the young woman’s mesmerizing gaze and the color of the eponymous pearl earring as best as I could. Some details of the painting, namely the tilt of the woman’s head and the intricate shading, were impossible to recreate within the constraint of 256 pixels. My recreation also fails to create the effect that the woman is looking right at you, which is part of what makes the painting so enchanting. This lack of detail, however, is part of what makes the 16×16 image appealing. The 256-pixel image adds a childlike levity to the painting, which befits the portrait’s young subject and contrasting colors. The finished product reminds me of something one would see in Minecraft or in the original Mario Bros. games.

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