Writing my technology literacy narrative was a grounding process for me because I had never seriously pondered the entirety of my relationship with technology. Whenever I thought about my use of and relations with technology, I had always taken for granted the fact that technology was so readily accessible, both in terms of its physical availability and my comprehension of its functions. I had forgotten that, at one point in time, the Internet was incomprehensible to me outside of the world of online games. I began the process of writing my narrative with the sense that I would have to struggle to meet the word count because my past experiences regarding technology were fairly unremarkable. As I began to reflect on my attitude, competency, and interests in regards to computers at different points in my life, however, I realized that my relationship with technology has been far from static. I have been indifferent towards computers, fascinated by them, reliant upon them, and sometimes even overwhelmed by them, depending upon what period of my life is being considered. Configuring these experiences into words forced me to seriously examine the details of my relationship with technology in a way that I had never done before.

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